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I have been a member of the senior management team of three internet companies, Virtual Vineyards, Leep Technology, HRPath, all of which were successfully sold to larger players in the industries. This has helped me develop extensive knowledge and experience in keeping development costs under control and in the design of user-friendly interfaces that attract and retain customers. For HRPath and Leep Technology I also developed and implemented unprecedented, successful e-mail sales and marketing programs that helped spark rapid growth. For eight years I served as the CFO of Stereographics, which builds the only stereoscopic glasses that allow you to see a monitor screen with binocular stereopsis (true depth). I headed several successful rounds of strategic partner funding, and piloted strategic planning, sales and marketing strategy, nd business development efforts. I served as CFO of the IPO for Forecross Corporation, developers of a fourth-generation software language that automatically converts 90% of 2GL and 3GL languages to 4GL. I have also led strategic planning and refinancing for Kem-Mil Corporation, a company that does masking and etching with very high tolerances and specifications for technology companies.
I significantly streamlined operations for Operon Technology, the largest manufacturer of DNA. This included reducing the financial period closing time from 35 to five days, improving receivables aging from 45 days to 28 days, improving inventory from 14 to 3 days, revising the sales management reporting system, revising the sales compensation program, and focusing marketing expenditures. Acting as general advisor to BioPacific senior management, I completely revised the accounting system, reworked the computer system, and redesigned the sales compensation program. I have also served as a general management consultant with an emphasis on recuiting, strategic planning, and budgeting for Horizon Ag Products, a manufacturer and distributor of organic and bio-engineered fertilizers. For ALZA Pharmaceuticals I completely revised the management reporting and sales planning systems for the largest plant, including production scheduling, pricing and Activity Based Costing. I also spearheaded strategic planning and budgeting for the Vacaville, CA plant.
For more than 20 years I have helped specialty food and agriculture companies to develop their core businesses by increasing sales and profits. In many cases I also positioned them for an M&A event to a larger player in the industry. Aidells Sausage Company became the market leader in a completely new category, gourmet sausages. From a modest start in Bruce Aidells' kitchen, we grew the company to national distribution through major outlets including Safeway, Costco and Sam's Club. From a small apricot drying yard in Santa Clara, Valley Sun Products became the world's largest processor of Sun-Dried tomatoes. As a member of the senior managment team, I developed the product pricing, negotiated the major customer, broker and supply agreements, developed foreign sources of product and managed the financial aspects of a 4X growth in sales over 4 years. At Sconza Candy Co, a 60-year-old producer of specialty candies, I negotiated the spin-off of a product line that enabled the company to buy out a disgruntled partner, and positioned the company for significant future growth. La Tempesta Biscotti, Splendido Baking and Beth’s Fine Desserts are all commercial baking companies where I served as a consultant to help with sales incentives, cash flow improvement, tax strategizing and other general assistance. Other food industry clients include Bette’s Oceanview Products, Caravan Products, H.C.Brill, Gimbal Brothers Candy Co, Market Hall Foods, and Native Kjalii Foods.
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