Finding the best suited professional to fill a demanding position is an art and a science. We take time to properly assess both the business needs and the cultural climate of your company before qualifying and ranking candidates. We have located and “matched” companies with CFOs, VPs of Sales, Marketing & Business Development, controllers, operations managers, accountants and bookkeepers, as well as other support staff.
C.L. Bryant Oil MarketHall Foods
Horizon AG Products Native Kjali Foods
HRPath Nice Ventures
Lawson Drayage Peaceable Kingdom Press
Architecture Public Accounting
Food Manufacturing Real Estate
Food Service Technology
Assess firm culture and staffing needs
Develop position descriptions
Design and implement a recruitment campaign
Receive, review & assess resumes
Interview and test applicants
Prepare & submit summary and supporting documentation for qualified candidates
Conduct reference checks & criminal/credit screening where appropriate
Negotiate job offers
Follow-up onsite training
Controllers VP of Sales
CFOs VP of Marketing
Business Managers Operations Manager
Accountants Human Resource Professionals
Bookkeepers Office Managers
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